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Laminate Wood Flooring Installation - Laminate Wood Flooring Installer

What is laminate wood flooring?
Laminate wood flooring is a prefinished material with a photographic surface that is made to look like different types of wood.
Benefits and Recommended uses
Laminate wood flooring is typically a recycled material, harder in density, it can hold up to moisture, kids, dogs, parties, etc., better than engineered hardwood flooring and solid wood flooring. We recommend starting your research with Wilsonart -- they have some of the most brilliant colors, great warranty, and it even comes with a beveled edge. Laminate wood flooring used to be a mediocre product, but it has been greatly improved over the last ten years. Nevertheless, not all laminate products are equal and we are partial to particular brands (Wilsonart, Uniclic and a few others) because of their reliability and choice offerings. As an added bonus, laminate wood flooring is typically less expensive than other wood flooring types.
Surface Types
Because it has a photographic finish, laminate wood flooring gives you unlimited options as far as the look is concerned (bamboo, different colors, patterns, even a tile option and a distressed look).
Why should I buy a laminate wood floor?
Color selection, durability, good for families with children, pets, parties-- high activity homes. In addition, if you plan to sell your home within 7-8 years, or turn your house into a rental, you definitely want to do a laminate wood flooring installation, particularly Wilsonart (lifetime warranty to original owner).
  • Laminate wood flooring comes in varied surface types such as flat, distressed, and beveled.
  • Laminate wood flooring is Generally more cost effective than engineered wood flooring.
  • Laminate wood flooring typically holds up better than hardwood flooring to active children, lots of traffic, and pets.
  • Laminate wood flooring has a uniform, predictable pattern.
  • Although laminate wood flooring cannot be sanded, planks can often be replaced.