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Wood Floor FAQs - Cleaning Wood Floors - Caring For Wood Floors

  1. I have young children and pets, can I get an engineered wood floor?
    Depending on how long you plan on living in your home, the answer may be "yes". The engineered hardwood flooring will dent and scratch, but if you plan on living in your home after your kids have grown out of the dropping phase and you have small or no pets, then you can still get this flooring and sand and finish it.
  2. How do I clean my hardwood floor?
    Each manufacturer has recommendations for cleaning their wood flooring product and those recommendations should be followed (they are included with the wood flooring product). In the event such recommendations are not provided, or if the manufacturer defers cleaning instructions to the installer, we recommend BonaKemi floor cleaner.
  3. Can I use the Swiffer to clean my hardwood floor?
    Yes, the dry Swiffer is great. However, I recommend first using a barber-shop broom so you save on your Swiffer sheets. We recommend the Harper 105, a soft nylon bristle broom.
  4. Can I use Swiffer Wet to clean my hardwood floor?
    If you want to use the wet sheets, this is fine, but they may leave a light film (which is removable, you can buff it out with a soft cloth). We do not recommend the Swiffer Wet spray, because some of the liquid may puddle on the floor and if you miss it it can seep into the joints.
  5. What should I not use to clean my hardwood floor?
    Do not use any furniture polish or dusting products on your hardwood floor, as they make the floor slippery and they eventually create a fog effect, dulling the surface.