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Wood Flooring Installation Process

Below we outline the phases of a wood flooring installation that requires all possible preparations/steps. Each project is unique, and the different types of processes necessary for a successful wood flooring installation depend on a variety of factors: wood type (e.g. laminate wood flooring vs. engineered wood flooring), application type (e.g. floating floor vs. glue-down), whether your subfloor is level, whether you have a concrete subfloor or a plywood subfloor, whether the installation is on the first or second story of your home, whether you have a pool or have other moisture and/or sound concerns, etc. We install wood flooring to manufacturer specs, thus validating the manufacturer warranty and also ensuring the best possible wood flooring installation.

  1. Communication and Education. The first step is to find out what a homeowner's specific needs are. For example, do they have dogs, young children, do they entertain, etc. Based on this information, we help the client become informed about wood flooring types and narrow down their research to a few specific wood products.
  2. Selection of Materials. Once the client has decided on a wood type, we narrow down a color that coordinates with their home decor. We recommend that the client purchase a box of the material, lay it out in the areas where they would like it installed and look at it at different times of day, in different lighting situations, to see if they are satisfied with the color choice.
  3. Delivery and Scheduling. The client orders and pays for the materials. Our wood flooring installers deliver the materials to the jobsite and proceed with the installation. Often it is necessary for the wood to acclimate to the environment of the home prior to installation. The amount of time will vary depending on wood type, where the wood came from and where it will be installed (e.g. by the beach). We schedule the installation time as soon as we know the wood is in.
  4. Completion.Payment for labor is expected upon completion of the wood flooring installation.

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